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    i'm in gryffindor!Sabina, 22/1/91, Female, Aquarius, Final Fantasy, Polish, Harry Potter, Dandy Warhols, Placebo, Squall, Marauder-ette, PS2, escape artist, hugs!

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    Ok, finaly an update on the layout, here is a new start to the new year. Layout features characters from Pita Ten but I don't carry much knowledge about that Anime so please correct me if I'm wrong. Again I found this layout lying about in my folders and thought it best suited for a blog ^^ And so you have it, now that I have Paint Shop Pro 8 its a different outcome though one may not notice.

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  • On Tuesday, January 4, 2005 she runs away with Squall... Sorry, havnt updated in a while. Now that I got Last Dream up I've been way too busy with normal life too. Also, the joined section is going to stay at my normal site Last Dream (^^ hehe love repeating that lol) Its too much at Forgotten, I can't even remember the password to update it here lol, oh whatever. School holidays have started, well actualy long time ago now and its now only 18 days until my Birthday and then I'm making my way to Tasmania, woot! ^^ So excited I'm just realising what a great time I'm going to have.

    Well I changed the layout of the blog, yeah your all probably thinking where the hell was Sabina all that time and hey the layouts starting to become sucky too. I have alot to say like the fact I practicaly lost Last Dream because of mean cousins who played with people on my msn when I was having my Christmas Dinner, but other than that I had fun on Christmas got lots of money too ^^ So I got my nails done so far but them I made a really big chip in one of them ahh I payed so much for french tips T_T

    ...But gave him back at 01:48 p.m.